What we do in the Tiempo de Tango lessons.

In the first classes we teach the basic movements and universal codes that are transmitted in the body language of Tango.
The first stage is technical, until you master the walk and coordination with your partner. Emphasizing the essential aspect of the embrace as a means of communication through which we will try to transmit the movements and intensities.
We will continue to learn more resources, approaching the displacements and most famous figures, trying to achieve the finesse and esthetics of the movements. You can see some of them in our video section.
After a few months of learning, we start to teach the basic of the Milonga, its cadence and the different steps that are typical of this rhythm. Later on, we include in the classes the practice of Tango-Vals.
The classes are theoretical and practical, and are based on the explanations of the teacher with the subsequent execution of the student, verifying through direct observation the quality of the movements. On our web site you can check that our way of working takes care of the steps to follow to guarantee you the learning of the Argentine Tango. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you with all the details.